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Whatever Happened to the Day of Rest?

By Christina Katz How many of us remember the sleepy Saturdays and Sundays of our youth? The days when shops kept shorter hours and time spread slow and thick across the day like maple syrup across our weekend pancakes. Whether or not we attended a church or synagogue, weekends were the time for rediscovering the […]

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January is National Bath Safety Month

By Meagan Ruffing Bath time serves many purposes. It’s a time to get your kids clean. It’s a time for your kids to splash around in shallow water and it’s a time for make believe sea water rescues and mermaid tea parties. Kids love the freedom that water has to offer and parents love to […]

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Sensei Dave: Anti – Bullying

Its 3:00pm. The final bell rings letting the students know classes are done for the day and it’s time to board their buses for the trek home. For some, this bell rings of excitement. For others, hearing that tone causes them to break out in a sweat, shortness of breath, a nauseous feeling in their […]

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DIY Locker Accessories

Soon enough your kids will be singing the back to school blues, but why not get them excited for some portion of going back by helping them personalize their own locker space? Follow my guide to get your kids back to school in style!

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